Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Spiders, rookers, flowers and a clown's litso

So ja, I've done nothing all day. Pretty much the only thing I've done is watch Memoirs of a Geshia and go on the computer.

Memoirs of a Geshia was a good movie, however, it angered me. It was basically a summary of the book. It didn't describe things that, I felt, needed to be explained. Like what a donna is. Also, if they didn't explain it, they played it down. In the book the whole thing with Saiyuri(sp?) getting a donna, or more, getting Nobu to be her donna, is a huge thing! Another thing that angered me, is that it never really explained what Mayamami(sp? im terrible w/spelling) was to Hatsumomo(sp?). If you had never read the book, I feel that you would be very confused watching this movie, both by the jargon(sp?) and the relationships, or both. /sigh. Oh well, I guess I'm still waiting for the perfect movie that's been made from a book, though I really don't think it will ever happen. I mean, look at society today. So bored by everything that to make a movie we have to base it off something else! Spiderman, The Hulk, Lord of the Rings, Memoirs of a Geshia, and I could go on and on, those are just ones that pop to mind right now.

Gah, whatever, maybe I'm just being to merked up right now. I should go viddy some devotchkas or malchicks. Or maybe go gloss up my glazzies and litso to get some fun.

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Blogger Oni said...

... I understood maybe 3 words out of that last paragraph.

Yeah... I rarely like movie-versions of books. They're alright if you don't expect them to follow the story very closely...

8:50 PM  
Blogger Le Weegee said...

Mm, yes, it happens, so I guess you just gotta expect that it'll disappoint you, so that you'll be very, gladly surprised when the perfect movie adaption of a book comes around. ^_^;

*pats you on the head* Nice, Fritz. =)



7:15 AM  
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