Friday, September 01, 2006

Of the pastel pinks

So ja, I got some uber-shibby playing cards. They're just a plain bycycle deck, but the back of the cards are pastel pink, while the face of the cars are hot pink, and the marks(the numbers, suits, etc.) are white. It's a bit of a change, and a little bit harsh on the eyes, but it's got a cool effect. One problem is that it is harder to tell which card is a diamon/heart(red) and which card is a spaid/club(black).

In other news, a story....

My mother has always been a hypocryte, among other things. She's always told me or my brother to do something, that she herself will refuse to do. If she gets caught doing something, she denies it with all her might and refuses to accept that she's wrong. On Tuesday the 29(2006) we were at a stoplight, leaving the school because she had just picked me up from some BBT(Blackbox Theatre) TEC work I was doing. The traffic was really bad, and so we were stuck at said stoplight for maybe 5 or 10 minutes. All the while she's complaining about the other cars. Then, a police car(and later more) goes driving down the road, dodging cars to get where ever he was going.

"I wonder where he's off to in such a hurry," she comments.

"Meh, I don't know." That's when a firetruck drives by, going the same way as the fuzz.

"Must be a car wreck," she declares matteroffactly.

" oppose to a know, what with the fire truck." Another cop car drives by. This time driving on the wrong side of the road to avoid traffic. By the rules of the road, when this happens you're surpose to stop your car to make sure the cop passes safely; no one did this.

"People have been driving so wildly lately," my mother remarks. After a bit she gets fed up with the light. We are the first in the far left lane, to our right is a bicycle. "I'll just turn around here, there arn't any cameras." And indeed she does proceed to pull a U-turn, in the middle of a lane, and drive off the other direction.

"'re right, people are driving wild," I tell her smartly.

"Oh the cops were busy!" She tells me as if it solves everything.

Here's where I flashback to all of the times she sent me to thearapy. I see various senarios, the most vibrant one was from when I got sent to anger management for bitting a guy that scratcheded me in 8th grade. May I add the guy had been bugging me and was 3 times as big as I was.

Doctor, "Do you play your gameboy at school?"

Me, "Yeah, somtimes, but it's hard because you're not surpose to play it in class, so I'm only allowed to play it during passing periods and at lunch."

Doctor, "So it's okay if you don't get caught?"

Me, " at all...but it's not even breaking the rules, they tell us that we arn't allowed to play it in class. I don't play it in class. I keep it in my pocket."

Doctor, "So, if you hide it. It's okay?"

Me, "No! It's not okay, and I never said it was!"

Doctor, "But you said you keep it in your pocket and play it in the halls, so you dont get caught, so it's okay."

Me, "No I didn't! I said I play it when I'm allowed to!"

It continued like this for at least 10 minutes. I swear, I wanted to deck the guy in the jaw, but that would have supported the "She-needs-anger-managment" theory.

Anyway, I tell my mother "So if you don't get caught, it's okay?"

She says, "No."


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