Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Father Forgive Me For I Have Sinned

So ja, you know, for someone who's not the least bit christian, I'd really like to go confession. Anywho, let's have my own little confession right here, on the world wide web, shall we class?

Me: Father forgive me for I have sinned. It's been 15 years since my last confession

{insert w/e goes here in the confession}

Haha, well....that went well didn't it? Anywho, actually bloggin' time now. I have a terribly embarissing thing to confess. When I'm at my dad's house(bc I have a comp in my room) I'm almost always playing musik. This musik literally contains everything from rock to techno, to goth to country, to classical to rap(only like one song, im not that crazy!). Anywho, when I listen to musik that I really love(which is just about everything on my play list), like Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Goo Goo Dolls, Bob Schneider, Guster, Train, ect. I often zone out. When I don't zone out, I'm usually singing along with it, or doing a little chair-shimmy. And what's more lately, within the past two days or so, I've been boogieing out to it when I walk around my room. I've also become even more perverted that I was before! -gaspola!-

In other news: My lazy-ness lvl has increased ten-fold. Side note: does anyone get the "ten-fold" thing? I never have/did.....wow, now I feel stupid for using it. ; ; Yesterday while on the phone w/Keithamus my pants were annoying me, so what did I do? That's right, I took them off. Eventually I got around to looking for something else to put on, but I felt I was too lazy to put on another pair of pants, so I took one of my many air-plane blankets(it's a spiffy red one!) and tied it around my waist, like a lil make-shift skirt. I'm still wearing this make-shift, airplane blanket skirt. That is indeed how lazy I am. I was too lazy to put on pants, so I tied a blanket around me and continued to wear it, and most likely will keep wearing it until I'm forced to take it off to wash it and what not. Dang, I need motivation, lol.

So ja, about my day today. I went over to Keith's house with Cat and we watched V For Vendetta. Z. O. M. G. Best movie in the world! Except for a few others, like A Clockwork Orange, Rent, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Treasure Planet, Lion King, Boondock Saints, and- you get the picture? Right? (Heh, look, a pun) Anywho, I lurved it! I'd never seen it before, so ja. After that Fry came over and made fun of me for my lil airplane blanket clothing line, and we all ended up going to see my bruder Weeeill(aka Will). Ian and ?Brandon? were there, doing their kinda stuff. Damn, it was fun, and I didn't even really do anything besides play w/a dull knife and a keg.

After Weeeill's house, we went to Sonic because Cat was hungry and we all wanted ice-cream or something. We went got our stuff and Tormo called us. He soon joined us. After that Fry had to go to work, so we drove back to Keith's(he'd left his clothing there. zomg was he naked this whole time!? you'll never know) and Cat and I drove off to bring me home because there was nothing else to do. I got home....got on the computer....and that was it really....man, my life is exciting when I'm at home, isnt it? Oh ja, I also zoned out, sang, shimmied and boogied out to musik.

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