Sunday, July 09, 2006

So I Lied

So ja, heh, ironic title, but ja, I lied, this emo-poem is my next post, not what I've been up to.

She will die alone,
Cold in the bed of a truck.
She cut herself because of all the lies,
But not just the ones he said to her.
She lied to everyone she met.
She lied to him and her and even them.
She lied to to even her friends.
She convinced herself of those lies,
And because of that,
Just look,
She slowly dies.
Sick of lieing, to all she knew,
She tries to stop,
Reborn anew.
She ties up her tounge and gags herself,
To no avail, she lies again.
She disapears, for who-knows-how long,
She slept all day,
But still told wrong.
Finally she held her breath,
Turning blue, she didnt speak,
Not a word,
Not a breath.
She took a knife, and plunged it in.
She pulled it down,
"Please repeat action again."
Slowly now, she starts to disapear.
Out of breath she starts to fall,
Away from pain,
Away from life,
Away from her fishing-net of lies.
Now comforted, she fails to notice,
That one truth swam through, her tangled net.
And as she died,
It swam away,
She mouthed the words,
"I still love you."


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Yah, I already read this great piece of writing on Myspace. =)



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