Monday, July 31, 2006

The one where Fritzi ranted about sitcoms.

So ja, I've noticed something. In all sitcoms that are 30 minutes long and have a mainly white cast, there is at least one black man in it, and said black man is always the person that jumps forward to give advice to the person that's troubled. It's true! Just turn on channel 65! Or 63! Or 2! Or anything! Lol, but ja, just watch some early morning sitcoms or mid-day ones and see the truth before your eyes! Lol, but ja....I'm a geek so ja......

On another note, I think that I've figured out that the perfect male for me would be a computer geek that can prefereably party, but it's okay if he cannot. I told my friend this and she said that I needed a boyfriend. Right after she says this my friend Valerie instant messages me on AIM, here is the convo:

FRIEND! (8:38:55 PM): hey.
kitycatkitkat (8:39:03 PM)
: are you a boyfriend for me?
FRIEND! (8:39:08 PM): uhm...
FRIEND! (8:39:22 PM): That was completely incoherent.
kitycatkitkat (8:39:32 PM)
: lol
FRIEND! (8:40:00 PM): hey, can we try the conversation over again?
FRIEND! (8:40:04 PM): Starting from the top.
kitycatkitkat (8:40:06 PM)
: ha
kitycatkitkat (8:40:07 PM): hi
FRIEND! (8:40:07 PM): Hey, what's up?
kitycatkitkat (8:41:33 PM)
: lol

Ha ha, gotta' love those crazy AIM convos eh?


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