Monday, June 26, 2006

You've got a bit of bird on your trunk.

So ja, today I got thinking about a lot of random crap, and it ended up coming to obessions and fears. I am someone that obsesses over too many things too rapidly and I fall apart without them. It seems like I almost need something to obsess over, just so I can keep moving forward in my life. But then I must question: Am I really moving forward? Or am I more moving horizontally, or maybe not at all? How do you define, 'moving forward' in something as huge and vauge as a life. Life is ruled by so many things that are so different but all come together to create one things. You can excell in one aspect but fail in another, would you say you're moving forward, backwards, staying in place? Then, if you do something bad, but it makes you excell in something, or feel good, what direction would you move? Can you really catagorize that kind of thing? I know I said i was thinking about fear and obsession, but I kind of went into a mini-rant about moving forward in life, so ja, deal with it.

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Blogger Le Weegee said...

Wha, that's a good point! =O My gosh, ...I never really thought about what makes someone be considered moving forward. And these thoughts are very insightful. O_O You did a VERY awesome job, Fritzi. =D *pats you on the head*



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