Saturday, June 17, 2006


So my friend and I are talking, and we got talking about life, sort of. Like, what I should do with mine, jobs, that kind of thing. And it makes me wonder what I will end up doing because there's only a few things that interest me, but each one is limiting for my's confusing....I wonder what will happen with me, Will I do what I want to? Will I succede in what I do? Then I wonder, Will I be remembered, or forgotten, or what? I would like to be remembered frankly. One of my fears is being forgotten and abandonment so I want to be remembered for at least something. I don't want my exsistence to be truly meaningless. Think about it, what did Joe Brown do? No one can tell you, unless you personally knew him. Now, what did Black Beard do? You may not be able to tell me every little thing he did, but you can tell me who is was. The same with plently of other people too. Then there are the people that are remembered, but in a smaller area or circle. You can ask what they did, and someone that was, or is in that circle can tell you, but travel away from it, they can't. Then there are even the people that are only remembered by one or two people for something they did in the time they were known. You can ask them what the person did, but anyone else probably wouldn't be able to tell you. I want to be remembered in any of those forms, becuase it means I meant something to somebody, whether it was one person, or a city, or nation, or the world, or even farther.

Yay ranting. I'll end it here before I blather on about absolutly nothing.

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Blogger Le Weegee said...

Bejeezles! =O Yes, I know what you mean. I thought of those same things. However, I then wondered if I really care about being remembered. If it's really important. I dunno. But, I HAVE thought about this same thing. So reading this was really awesome. ^_^ Nifty stuff.



7:55 AM  
Blogger Markon V said...

I agree, and I can tell you right now that I will never forget you. You've been such a character and a friend that I couldn't forget you if I wanted.

8:22 PM  

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