Saturday, June 17, 2006

Pre-Surgery; birthday; father's day; random crap

So ja, I wake up today about 10 minutes before my alarm clock dosn't go off at 7 or 8 am and before I can even gather my thoughts a clap of thunder was sent flying through my ears. It was raining. So, as with my daily routine, if I remember, I turn on channel 4 news. I don't know why, probably just because it's what my dad's always watched, but I can only really watch the news that's on channel 4....hmm...but I mildly watch the news, going in and out of it, while I did random things on the computer, most of which I can't remember. I went in and out of conciousness until my mum called telling me she was picking me up. So she came and got me about 12 so we could celebrate my birthday late, and celebrate father's day earlier for my grandpa. I get there, it's boring, yada yada, my mum's making keish and soup. I had a glass bottle of orange soda in the icebox so my stepdad, Henry, pulled it out for me, though I actually would have prefered water, lol, and the bottle looks just like a beer bottle, actually a brand my parents drink, ha, but my grandparents thought that I was drinking beer for a little bit. Eventually one of my stepbrothers, Harley, came by for a while. After we ate he and I were just sorta sitting in one of the rooms that no one was in and talked. It started about about his jobs, and progressed through being sick, to parties, to tattoos, to doing something with both our lives, to moving in with siblings, to school, to all kinds of things. He works at two restaurants, one pays about $80 a day, the other about $200 . I wish I got that kind of money, it would be so much easier...until I had to provide for myself completly, then it still might be hard. He fell asleep just when things started up again and so Henry woke him up and we ate keylime pie, {insert witty comment here}. About 4pm everyone left......

At 6pm I went to my friend Kyle's "pre-surgery party". It was fun. Her family took everyone out to eat at a restaraunt called Texican, Kyle couldn't get over the fact that they just too the 'M' out of 'Mexican' and replaced it with a 'T'. She's kind of crazy like that. In the group there were two vegitarians(including me) and one muslim so we asked if they cooked their food with lard or vegitable oil. It was all cooked in lard XD. I ended up getting this taco salad thing with out meat, it was okay, but it was HUGE. We got back to Kyle's at about 8:30 or so and we played Cranium Turbo, or something like that. Me and Kyle were on a team, man we had some fun losing, heh. We kept getting the green cards, which are about acting and actors and charrades and all that jazz. We suched, heh. There were plently of fun ones, some too completcated or vauge and what not to explain. It we played the game until 11pm and even then we hadn't completly finished it, heh. So ja, after we all left....I got home.

Here I am.....sitting at my comp seems like that's all I do lately....sit at my computer, try not to sleep, not eat, drink water, not draw, talk to people on aim, and sometimes hang out with people, which I actually need to do more of, but can't really. >.>' I also don't seem to be remembering lately. I don't think I really want to actually, I don't know why completly, but I know partly.

Yay, one of my favorite movies is on. Big Fish. I love the movie, it connects to me. I love the filming style, the actors, the story, the feel, the look, the sets, the mood, the voices, all of it. I love everything that's in it. It's awsome. It makes me feel good. ^.^ I love how it connects the stories with memories too, because it's how my mind works a lot of times. "It's common knowledge that all towns of a certain size have a witch." It's a fun quote. "She'll make soap outta you! That's what she does. She makes soap outta you." Alas, so many great quotes, so little time.

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Blogger Le Weegee said...

Cool day. Cranium = *thumbs up* =)

Aw, that's awesome how you have a movie that you love everything about... ^_^ Good for you.

And, that was enjoyable to read, Fritzi. I like your writings. =D



12:27 AM  
Blogger Markon V said...

I'm definitely a something positive fan. Good choice.

11:02 AM  

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