Thursday, June 22, 2006

"Nothing much, just updating my pizza"

So ja, don't ask about the title, heh. Okay, so I had a 'dream' the other day, and it really stuck out in my mind for some reason. It wasn't even a dream really. I was in the stage where you're half asleep, and still completely perceptive to everything around you, and I'd only been like that for five minutes or so. It wasn't just me thinking either, and it was really.....specific. Well, not specific, but realistic I supose. I don't know how to describe completely what it was. It didn't last too long either, only a few seconds at most.

So, in real life someone IMed me and I heard it from where I was lying down.

Start dream.

I heard the IM and grudgingly got started to get up to check it. There was some guy sitting at my desk, but it didn't surprise me and was completly normal. I scooted up next to him infront of the computer, sitting on my knees, and I looked at the screen. The guy was very familiar, not just a random person, and it wasn't strange that he was in my room, on my computer, while I was lying down. I started reading whatever the computer said, and the guy sitting next to me reached out and patted me on the head and proceeded to move his hand on my back and rub it. It wasn't a gesture that was strange or anything. It wasn't out of place, nor was it expected. It was one of those things that just is. Increasing contact with a person because you're close to them. I read the comment on the computer, and I woke up to actually go check it.

I don't know why this stuck out so much, but it did. I have no clue what it meant, if it meant anything at all, or why I had it. All I know is that thinking back on the dream, the guy was very familiar. If any of the, like, two people that read this know how to interpret dreams and all that jazz, then please help me out here, it really was different, at least for me it was.

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well, today it isnt a comic, but it's just as good,


Blogger Le Weegee said...

Yeah, I dunno how to interpret dreams or anything, Fritz. ^_^; And, of course, I sure as hell couldn't tell you who the guy was and why he looks so familiar since I didn't see him. =P Ah, well. ^_^

*pats you on the head* =P



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