Thursday, June 22, 2006

Blee Bloo Bleep

So ja, wrote a poem. It, and others on featured on my deviant art at but anywho, the poem I wrote is down under this text, I bet you can see it too, I bet you can, heh. Anyway, it's about me, in a sence, gotta love them metaphorical spews with techies at three am. Also, ignore spelling/grammar errors, heh.

A brand new doll,
Lying in the corner.
Hair done up,
Pink dress, clean and pressed.
Picked up and played with,
For a few years.
But tossed to the ground,
In a flurry,
Of hot, innocent tears.

A chipped doll,
Lying on the grass.
Found and restored.
Parts stuck back on,
Holes sewn right up.
The fixing done,
Ammusment gone,
Thrown over a careless shoulder.

A broken doll,
With pieces scattered on the floor.
Discovered once more,
by someone new.
Picked up and cuddled.
Larger pieces glued together,
And put in place.
A new, better doll seen,
The broken is dropped.
All restoration gone,
New damage done.

Sleeping broken,
Waiting to be stepped on,
New eyes once more spy,
A broken, old doll,
In need of repair.

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Blogger Le Weegee said...

Ah, yes, I remember this poem. ^_^ A good piece of art, it is. =)



1:05 AM  

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