Saturday, October 28, 2006


So ja, I myself hate sleep. Infact, I avoid it if I can. I try not to sleep more than 3 hours. Though, I supose it is not sleep its self that I hate, it's the dreaming and the idea of sleep. Frankly, I love the relaxed feeling of sleeping, but after this summer, I hate sleeping. If I'm with someone else, it's a little bit easier to want to, but still just as bad. I don't like dreaming, for a few reasons:
1. It's a world were I can't control what I do, I can see myself in 3rd person, but I can't control myself.
2. I seem to only dream about the things that I desperatly don't want to.

However, I love to watch people when they're asleep. It's when they're most vulernable. They're susceptalbe(sp?).


So ja, I myself hate sleep. Infact, I avoid it if I can. I try not to sleep more than 3 hours. Though, I supose it is not sleep its self that I hate, it's the dreaming and the idea of sleep. Frankly, I love the relaxed feeling of sleeping, but after this summer, I hate sleeping. If I'm with someone else, it's a little bit easier to want to, but still just as bad. I don't like dreaming, for a few reasons:
1. It's a world were I can't control what I do, I can see myself in 3rd person, but I can't control myself.
2. I seem to only dream about the things that I desperatly don't want to.

However, I love to watch people when they're asleep. It's when they're most vulernable. They're susceptalbe(sp?).

Friday, September 01, 2006

Of the pastel pinks

So ja, I got some uber-shibby playing cards. They're just a plain bycycle deck, but the back of the cards are pastel pink, while the face of the cars are hot pink, and the marks(the numbers, suits, etc.) are white. It's a bit of a change, and a little bit harsh on the eyes, but it's got a cool effect. One problem is that it is harder to tell which card is a diamon/heart(red) and which card is a spaid/club(black).

In other news, a story....

My mother has always been a hypocryte, among other things. She's always told me or my brother to do something, that she herself will refuse to do. If she gets caught doing something, she denies it with all her might and refuses to accept that she's wrong. On Tuesday the 29(2006) we were at a stoplight, leaving the school because she had just picked me up from some BBT(Blackbox Theatre) TEC work I was doing. The traffic was really bad, and so we were stuck at said stoplight for maybe 5 or 10 minutes. All the while she's complaining about the other cars. Then, a police car(and later more) goes driving down the road, dodging cars to get where ever he was going.

"I wonder where he's off to in such a hurry," she comments.

"Meh, I don't know." That's when a firetruck drives by, going the same way as the fuzz.

"Must be a car wreck," she declares matteroffactly.

" oppose to a know, what with the fire truck." Another cop car drives by. This time driving on the wrong side of the road to avoid traffic. By the rules of the road, when this happens you're surpose to stop your car to make sure the cop passes safely; no one did this.

"People have been driving so wildly lately," my mother remarks. After a bit she gets fed up with the light. We are the first in the far left lane, to our right is a bicycle. "I'll just turn around here, there arn't any cameras." And indeed she does proceed to pull a U-turn, in the middle of a lane, and drive off the other direction.

"'re right, people are driving wild," I tell her smartly.

"Oh the cops were busy!" She tells me as if it solves everything.

Here's where I flashback to all of the times she sent me to thearapy. I see various senarios, the most vibrant one was from when I got sent to anger management for bitting a guy that scratcheded me in 8th grade. May I add the guy had been bugging me and was 3 times as big as I was.

Doctor, "Do you play your gameboy at school?"

Me, "Yeah, somtimes, but it's hard because you're not surpose to play it in class, so I'm only allowed to play it during passing periods and at lunch."

Doctor, "So it's okay if you don't get caught?"

Me, " at all...but it's not even breaking the rules, they tell us that we arn't allowed to play it in class. I don't play it in class. I keep it in my pocket."

Doctor, "So, if you hide it. It's okay?"

Me, "No! It's not okay, and I never said it was!"

Doctor, "But you said you keep it in your pocket and play it in the halls, so you dont get caught, so it's okay."

Me, "No I didn't! I said I play it when I'm allowed to!"

It continued like this for at least 10 minutes. I swear, I wanted to deck the guy in the jaw, but that would have supported the "She-needs-anger-managment" theory.

Anyway, I tell my mother "So if you don't get caught, it's okay?"

She says, "No."

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Father Forgive Me For I Have Sinned

So ja, you know, for someone who's not the least bit christian, I'd really like to go confession. Anywho, let's have my own little confession right here, on the world wide web, shall we class?

Me: Father forgive me for I have sinned. It's been 15 years since my last confession

{insert w/e goes here in the confession}

Haha, well....that went well didn't it? Anywho, actually bloggin' time now. I have a terribly embarissing thing to confess. When I'm at my dad's house(bc I have a comp in my room) I'm almost always playing musik. This musik literally contains everything from rock to techno, to goth to country, to classical to rap(only like one song, im not that crazy!). Anywho, when I listen to musik that I really love(which is just about everything on my play list), like Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Goo Goo Dolls, Bob Schneider, Guster, Train, ect. I often zone out. When I don't zone out, I'm usually singing along with it, or doing a little chair-shimmy. And what's more lately, within the past two days or so, I've been boogieing out to it when I walk around my room. I've also become even more perverted that I was before! -gaspola!-

In other news: My lazy-ness lvl has increased ten-fold. Side note: does anyone get the "ten-fold" thing? I never have/, now I feel stupid for using it. ; ; Yesterday while on the phone w/Keithamus my pants were annoying me, so what did I do? That's right, I took them off. Eventually I got around to looking for something else to put on, but I felt I was too lazy to put on another pair of pants, so I took one of my many air-plane blankets(it's a spiffy red one!) and tied it around my waist, like a lil make-shift skirt. I'm still wearing this make-shift, airplane blanket skirt. That is indeed how lazy I am. I was too lazy to put on pants, so I tied a blanket around me and continued to wear it, and most likely will keep wearing it until I'm forced to take it off to wash it and what not. Dang, I need motivation, lol.

So ja, about my day today. I went over to Keith's house with Cat and we watched V For Vendetta. Z. O. M. G. Best movie in the world! Except for a few others, like A Clockwork Orange, Rent, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Treasure Planet, Lion King, Boondock Saints, and- you get the picture? Right? (Heh, look, a pun) Anywho, I lurved it! I'd never seen it before, so ja. After that Fry came over and made fun of me for my lil airplane blanket clothing line, and we all ended up going to see my bruder Weeeill(aka Will). Ian and ?Brandon? were there, doing their kinda stuff. Damn, it was fun, and I didn't even really do anything besides play w/a dull knife and a keg.

After Weeeill's house, we went to Sonic because Cat was hungry and we all wanted ice-cream or something. We went got our stuff and Tormo called us. He soon joined us. After that Fry had to go to work, so we drove back to Keith's(he'd left his clothing there. zomg was he naked this whole time!? you'll never know) and Cat and I drove off to bring me home because there was nothing else to do. I got on the computer....and that was it, my life is exciting when I'm at home, isnt it? Oh ja, I also zoned out, sang, shimmied and boogied out to musik.

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Monday, August 14, 2006

The Epidemic(sp?)

So ja, in a sence, I have a sickness. No, not 101 degree fever and puking and getting lil red dots over you. What I have is pretty sneaky and only a couple drugs, which I don't take/do anymore, help, at least, they're the only ones I've found to help. Welp, I don't know if it's just as luck would have it, but it seems like it's spreading to other people too. Shit. It seems to effect you're dreams as well.

You know? It's this kinda shit that makes me so fucking afraid to go to sleep.

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The Realizations Of A Puppet

So ja, it was 11:03pm on Sunday, August 13, 2006 when I realised that I wasnt over something that majorly effected me. I thought I was over it....turns out I wasnt.....

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Friday, August 11, 2006

Parts 1 and 2

Pt. 1
So ja, sorry I havn't updated lately, I don't have a computer too much.

Here's what all I've done from what I remember.

Monday- I really can't remember, but I know I spent the whole day at my dad's house, on the computer, doing random shit on it, like I always do.....

Tuesday- I didn't do too much here either, but I ended up going to my mum's house and she went to the doctor and I got dropped off to hang out with Keith, Liz, and other people who's name I can't spell. Keith waited in Dillards while the females dressed me up in a dress. I didn't put up too much of a fight, but they couldn't get my pants off, only my shirt, so I was in this red, foo-foo-frilly dress with black flowers beaded onto it and a black bow around the waist and then I had my jeans on too, lol. Then they sent me out for keith to see, and they all poked at me, and I was disgruntled. But ja, they're the only people that have seen me in a dress in about.....hmm...a year or so...I don't do dresses, heh.

Then, my mum picked me up, and we went to eat with my brother(older) at a tex-mex place called El Rey(I lurv their food! *drool*) And the whole time my brother was making fun of me and saying that my friends where "hoolagins". By the end of dinner I was kinda miffed by it, so I grabed a pepper-mint and tossed it at him....the one glitch....I missed. So here I am, in a resturant, and I grab a mint and toss it...well it misses his head by an inch(Yes, my aim is that bad >.<) and hit the lady sitting behind brother and I imediatly start laughing and my mum is in utter shock.

After dinner, we went to get shoes(I wanted some steel-toed boots, and needed new shoes, add them together, and you get Acadamy, heh). The whole time my mum's freakin' out because I want to get steel-toed boots, and my brother isn't helping, because he's just like that. We get there, and I get sick of them because they were nagging me, and telling me they didn't have any, so I ran off to look myself when they stopped at some sandals for my brother. Finally I find what I'm looking for, and I'm trying to pick the ones I want. I find the one's I like, they wernt too big or anything, and they were waterproof too. So I go and find my mum and brother and bring them over, and they're still freaking out, because I'm a female, buying steel-toed boots. Actually, I was also buying steel-toed boots from the males shoe section, so that kinda worsed it, heh. We found some that fit, but because of my mum's nagging and my brother's egging her on, I went to find some high top cons to get. Finally, I got some all black ones, they're fun.

We dropped my brother off at his car and went home.....I don't remember what I did the rest of the night.....

Wednesday- I woke up. Then I got in the shower and Fry called me to see if we were still on for the day. He came over at about four. We hung out in my room for a bit, decideding what to do, and we ended up deciding to go explore a tunnel off of 4th street. While we were down there we saw much graffiti and filth and *shudder* roaches and racoon prints, and trash and we even found a bottle of sewer-vodka, as we dubbed it. When we left the tunnel, we decided to go back to my place to wash up and get sustinance and all that jazz. So, we got a little lost until we found 10th street(we were walking). When we came to a 7-11 I went in and got a foodgasmic 7-11 slurpie. Then I tricked Fry into going to Book People so I could get a techie book that I'd had my eye on for a week. He waited outside, and made phone calls while I bought it, heh. After that we went to my house.

At 8:30 Cat and Tormo showed up at my house and we went to Central Market to see Monty Python And The Holy Grail(awsome movie if you havnt seen it). We brought my bean bag, heh. The whole time I was half lying on Fry who sat on my beanbag chair while Cat and Tormo sat on a tube, we were all on a playscape because it was the only place people wernt already sitting heh. This little boy who I named Tommy kept bothering Fry, so I kept trying to make him go away, eventually he brought another lil boy who I named Del Rio. I started to tickle Tommy and he tried to tickle me back, but ended up just like smacking me and accidently groping me and then Del Rio kept walking on top of me(I was lying on the playscape/Fry). So ja, two lil kids who couldnt have been older than 6 pretty much beat me up, heh. But ja, I pretty much missed the whole movie becuase of random stuff that kept happening.

After Monty Python, we all went to Kirby Lane. Cat was late to be home, so Tormo drove her home while Fry and I were there and Tormo got back right when we were finishing, heh. We talked about a party that was gonna happen on Friday(heh today!....well, yesterday-ish) and what we needed. Then we paid, and left.

Thursday- I didn't do much during the day, but then I went and hung out with Keith and got my book back from his sister, Mini-Keith. Keith and I were at his house lounging on the couch with Mini-Keith for maybe 30 minutes when Pollok and Taylor called me telling me they were gonna kidnapp me, so they got Keith as well, heh. We did a few things that I can't remember, then we decided to find Spider House because only Pollok and I had been there before. The marker we had was Toy Joy(a toy store) and Oat Willies(a head shop). I knew where it all was, and Pollok had a good idea, but Taylor didn't know where any of it was, and Keith only knew were Oat Willies was. We eventually got there, and got some humus and chips and water and stayed there for a bit. After that we went to Volkan Video and Pollok and Taylor got two films to watch.

Then Keith and I met up with Tormo and Fry and we went to Will's to give him $5 and so I could see his new bong because everyone was raving about it, heh. We sat around in Will's garage for an hour, then we left, brought me home and that was Thursday, or at least as much as I can remember.

Friday- I came over to my dad's house and went to hang out with Courtney and Doug. We were gonna go to a party(I wasn't going to the one previously mentioed) but the guy who's house it was at, everyone calls him Antwon McFaggot because...well...he's not too fun....I usually call him by his name though, called and said that Doug and I could come, but not Courtney, becuase he was mad at her for not going out with him in December. So we went back to my house for a bit, then went to go eat at a place called Pho (i think that was it) and they had such FOOD-FREAKIN-GASMIC TOFU!!!!!! Then we went to see Courtney's riding friend Lucy. After that we decided to stop by the party mentioned on Wednesday anyway. We did. We had fun, and I was proud becuase I didn't smoke out of the pretty bongs and bubbler, heh. When we were done there we went home.

Saterday- Just started an hour and 45 minutes ago....I havn't really done too much....

Pt. 2
So ja, whatever euphoria I've been riding on for the past month or two seems to have stopped. this past week, I was either in great amounts of pain, or depressed. Also, i'm scared to sleep again....(i know why, it was a couple dreams ive had lately). I hate dreaming so much, it totally fucks me over....Ja, two or three of my friends have decided they hate me as well, so that's had me down....yarr....

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Woes Of Me

So ja:















They're all me, indeed.

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Monday, July 31, 2006

The one where Fritzi ranted about sitcoms.

So ja, I've noticed something. In all sitcoms that are 30 minutes long and have a mainly white cast, there is at least one black man in it, and said black man is always the person that jumps forward to give advice to the person that's troubled. It's true! Just turn on channel 65! Or 63! Or 2! Or anything! Lol, but ja, just watch some early morning sitcoms or mid-day ones and see the truth before your eyes! Lol, but ja....I'm a geek so ja......

On another note, I think that I've figured out that the perfect male for me would be a computer geek that can prefereably party, but it's okay if he cannot. I told my friend this and she said that I needed a boyfriend. Right after she says this my friend Valerie instant messages me on AIM, here is the convo:

FRIEND! (8:38:55 PM): hey.
kitycatkitkat (8:39:03 PM)
: are you a boyfriend for me?
FRIEND! (8:39:08 PM): uhm...
FRIEND! (8:39:22 PM): That was completely incoherent.
kitycatkitkat (8:39:32 PM)
: lol
FRIEND! (8:40:00 PM): hey, can we try the conversation over again?
FRIEND! (8:40:04 PM): Starting from the top.
kitycatkitkat (8:40:06 PM)
: ha
kitycatkitkat (8:40:07 PM): hi
FRIEND! (8:40:07 PM): Hey, what's up?
kitycatkitkat (8:41:33 PM)
: lol

Ha ha, gotta' love those crazy AIM convos eh?


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